Release Date; 15-November-2019
Cast:  Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen, Russell Tovey, Jim Carter Mark Louis Jones, Celine Buckens, Laurie Davidson
Director: Bill Condon
Producer:  Bill Condon
Music Director: Carter Burwell

The Good Liar(2019)  –  Drama Thriller Cast & Crew:

Heroes: Ian McKellen, Laurie Davidson, Russell Tovey, Jim Carter Mark Louis Jones
Heroines:   Helen Mirren, Celine Buckens

The Good Liar(2019)  –  Drama Thriller  Box office Collections:

The Good Liar Hit or Flop, Rating, Box Office, Profit (or Loss) Margins
Total Budget6.5 Crores
Total CollectionsComing Soon
Profit or LossComing Soon
Hit or FlopComing Soon

The Good Liar(2019)  –  Drama Thriller Story-Synopsis:

The Good Liar is a upcoming movie all set to get released by 15-november-2019.   Roy Courtnay is role is played by Ian MCkellen . he is a long-time period  con man who used to manipulates other people by creating them to  give  him access to their finances through a string channel  of deception and false property or local identities, along with his 'business partner' Vincent acting as his accountant. Vincent role is played by Jim Carter. Roy latest target is Betty McLeish, ashe is a former history professor at Oxford university. She  lost her husband a year ago and  she has savings in large amount of nearly two million pounds. Betty McLeish role is played by Helen Mirren.  Betty also reveals about her health condition that she is suffering from a continuous attacks  of minor strokes that results for reducing her life span and  may kill her within a year.
 Roy have been manipulating Betty to allowing him to stay at her house, Roy frequently encourages her to open a joint savings bank  account with him, with the having an idea of taking her money for himself after her death. In a holiday vacation  in Europe, Roy thought that the  plan appears threatened because  when Betty's grandson Steven reveals that 'Roy Courtnay' is  died in 1948 in the process of tracking a former Nazi, but Roy started to explain  that he is actually Hans Taub, the German soldier who joined with Roy on the arrest that led to Roy's death,  he simply explained that he took Roy's identification so that he could get out of Germany country  and reinvent himself as a original Roy. Betty apparently accepts this explanation.