As movie become hit or not will be decided by the songs as the songs will be hit the movie will be half hit, as the songs played in theatres, the movie makers released the songs in 'Youtube' also to get more number of views.

Here there are some songs which got more views in 'Youtube'.

1. Rowdy Baby( Maari 2)

Maari 2 suprasses blockbuster at boxoffice, in this movie 'Rowdy Baby' song is most popular as this song was released in the youtube, it get 500M views and create a bechmark for upcoming songs. it get 100M views in 15 days only.

Rowdy Baby Song link

2. Vachinde( Fidaa)

2017 all time blockbuster movie 'Fidaa' after baahubali the only movie film loved by all age audiences. in this movie 'Vachinde'  song is still listening in many functions, Marriages. that song create record before Rowdy baby enters. it is viewed by 206M views in youtube.

Vachinde Video link

3.Rangamma Mangamma

Rangastlam became industry hit is because of songs only, Rangamma mangamma song is most highlight of this movie. mainly the song lyrics is attracted as it is viewed by 178M in youtube and in the 3rd place.

Ranagamma Mangamma video link

4. Saahore Baahubali (Baahubali 2)

Indian Film industry hit 'Baahubali 2' is the only film which pull the audiences into theatres from 6 to 60 years, the movie records is still dream for many big movies.

As the movie song 'Saahore Baahubali' song is still listened by the audiences and in functions. it is viewed by the 140M in youtube. it is the first south indian song crosses 100M views in youtube.

Saahore Baahubali Video Link