Hello my dear web surfing colleagues...

I'm here with a new trick and that is about your AMAZON PRIME1 month free subscription....
we will provide you some Mails so that you can can LOGIN with those MAILS and get 1 month free subscription . You may try these type of tricks in other websites also but they gonna WORK (or) NOT .  
(NOTE : You must not change password to those accounts after LOGIN to that if it is done so, we may going to block your device ).

Steps to be followed to CLAIM this offer :

1. First of all go to Play store download Amazon prime App Or Search for AMAZON PRIME in Google Chrome
2. After it is downloaded , open the AMAZON PRIME application.
3. After the app opens , Sign in with the provided MAILS and Passwords displayed below. 

My Humble Request please Don't Change Password copy and paste directly in your Amazon Prime account
Get Your User name and Passwords ( Click Here )