n indian film industry there is a separate style for horror movies. normal movies may be hit or flop, but the horror movies will be a hit to blockbuster hit.

This type of films are mainly come in to the 'Tamil film industry'. every 5 films of tamil films there will be a horror film. that type of horror films brand is goes to 'Raghav Lawrence'.

In 2010 he directed cum acted a film called 'kanchana' was biggest hit of all horror films that movie story,dialogues,action,fearing scenes attracted audiences. the next part of this movie was 'Ganga' it is also a hit film.

But from past two years there is no hit for Raghav Lawrence. this time he believes horror film come with a another part of 'Kanchana' as 'Kanchana 3'. released the trailer recently. and it is full of horror scenes,comedy,action. this time Raghav will be see a blockbuster hit from this movie.

Recently the film releases and got good collections, actually this type  of collections is not imagine by the movie team. but after three days this  movie got good collections.

Within 10 days this movie enters into a 100 crores gross at boxoffice. mainly this movie entertain B,C centers areas. now as per the report this movie enters into the 120 crores club.