After the decent success of 'Hello Guru Premakosame' Ram next movie is directed by sensational director 'Puri Jagannadh' title as 'Ismart Shankar'.

In this film 'Ram' is doing out and out full mass role, as this is the first film Ram acting in a mass role. Nidhi Agarwal act as heroine in this movie. Nabasha act as another heroine. 

From past few years there is no success for 'Puri Jagannadh'. after industry hit 'Pokiri', there is no that type of success to Puri Jagannadh. so this film he want to  creates history like 'Pokiri'.

Cast : Ram,Nidhi Aggarwal,Nabha  Natesh
Crew : Director- Puri Jagannadh
            Producers- Puri Jagannadh,charmi
            Music- Mani Sharma


The story is revolve around that Shankar(Ram) who is a local goon, and doind some settlements and help peoples who are in risk, later he went to jail, after he escape from jail, how he survive with the goons is remaining story.


Before this movie we all know 'Ram' as a lover boy image, but after this movie i will definitely say he become Mass Hero no doubt. the main assest to this film is 'Ram'.

His dialogue delivery, Dance, Comedy timing is superb totllay we see a different 'Ram;' in this movie. Puri Dialogues is give another level to this movie, Heroines 'Nabha' acting is in like Mass role, Nidhi aggarwal glamour role is attraction to this movie.

Climax scenes also very intersting, musically this is a super hit film.


Out of whole movie romance is in high level, so Family audiences will not attracted to this movie. dialogues also some what not to be Family audiences, there are some lag scenes in pre-climax.

Technical role

Director Puri jagannadh done with a perfect script, which is better for mass audiences, every movie his mark will be appear. so every hero wants to direct under 'Puri Jagannadh'. Producers are main assest to this film they produce in a rich way.

Music 'Melody Brahma Mani Sharma' gives super music, and the songs are trending before this movie release. BGM also attracted in climax scenes. cinematography also good to this movie. editor of this movie is give thrilling scenes.


From recent times there is no movie which gives satisfaction to mass audiences, but this movie will give. the dialogues,songs,romantic scenes, fights is new way by any mass movies. so 'Ismart shankar' is overall mass masala entertainer.

Rating : 3/5

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