Cast : Allu Shrish, Rushkar Dillon
Crew : Director- Sanjeev Reddy
            Producer- Madhura Sreedhar Reddy
           Music- Judah Sandhy

ABCD Amerian born confused desi starrer Allu Shrish and Rushkar Dillon acted in this movie, directed by Sanjeev Reddy. from past few years there is no success for Allu Shrish so this movie he agained want to go to hit track, and give blockbuster success.


The story is revolve around that a young boy who wastes his life for a enjoyment. laterly his father(Nagababu) want to teach a lesson about responsibility. how he relealises his father lesson and hoe he become successful is part of story.


Allu Shrish give a wonderful performance in this movie he improved his acting in this movie. he gives best performance in the comdey scenes. heroine Rushkar Dillon also give performance in movie.

Her first film 'Krishnarjuna Yudham' also give better performance. remaining actors and senior stars give best performances. 


The main negative of this film is the music composition is not ood in this movie. songs also not well listen. but only song is attracted.

The movie BGM also not good and the direction department not direct well. movie story is somewhat boring to common audiences.

Technical Aspects

Is it is a director first film he gave full grip to this movie. each and every scene is directed very well, so he gives best output to this film. the main important to this film is the cinematography, each and every scene is looking beautiful. movie will become hit to the cinematography.

Production department produce this film in a rich way, the producer no way to compromise while producing this film.


As 'Maharshi' Mania is running now, this film will not be attracted by audiences. audiences gave repeated mode to 'Maharshi'. while this film is full of comedy and suspense thrilling. so it is watchable film to telugu audiences.

Rating : 2.5/5

ABCD Trailer