Kabir Singh one of the most awaited movie in bollywood. The movie starrer Shahid Kapoor as hero, Kiara Adwani act as heroine in this movie directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

Actually it is a remake of Tollywood Sensation 'Arjun Reddy', in telugu Vijay Devarakonda as leading role in this movie. this movie gave a great impact on telugu movies and audiences.

Cast : Shahid Kapoor, kiara Adwani
Crew :Sandeep reddy Vanga,Bhusan Kumar,Murad Khetani.


The story revolves around that the Kabir(Shahid) who is a University topper loves a girl named Preethi(Kiara adwani). after that he became addicted to drugs. how the story is revolve, is Preethi and Kabir became each other is rest of the story.


Shahid kapoor is main assect to this film, his acting is simply superb. his emotional acting is very much cried by the audiences. what a acting, every audience get appolozes to 'Shahid' damsure.

Lover boy role,his dialogue delivery is superb. Kiara adwani acting is speechless, in the college scenes how she loved 'kabir' and way of emotions to showed kabir is good, laterly in the pre-climax scene her acting is emotional. remaining actors also give best performances.


While the lip-kisses is too much in this movie, the movie has some lag scenes and the movie duration is too high. so the movie will see by audience is boring.

Technical Aspects

Director Sandeep reddy is give full effort to this film, that the reason this movie became blockbuster, his story telling is to audience is awesome, producers are main backbone to this film.

T-Series director Bhusan kumar and remaining producers give full budget and support, this type of films music is important BGM is attracted, songs will be all time super songs given by music team. cinematography also good.


As it is remake film, but this movie is not look like 'Arjun Reddy' as story is new, and this type of films is first time will see. so 'Kabir Singh' will be slipper shot Blockbuster at box-office, it can be watch repeatedly. so enjoy this movie with your friends,families,lovers in theatres.

Box-Office Collections

Right from the first day morning show the movie got hit talk, so peoples give big openings to this movie, here is day wise collections to this movie.

21-06-2019- 20.21 crores
22-06-2019- 22.78 crores
23-06-2019- 28 crores
24-06-2019- 17.54 crores
25-06-2019- 16.53 crores
26-06-2019- 15.91 crores
27-09-2019- 13.61 crores

from the ending of first week collections the movie enters into the 134.42 crores. this week it enters into 200 crores club.

Rating : 4/5

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