Cast : Nani, Shardda Srinath,Satya Raj,Rao Ramesh
Crew : Director- Gautam Tinnanuri
            Producer- Surya Devara Naga Vamsi
            Music- Anirudh Ravichandran

Last six films Nani acted in a commercial films which is in romance and fights comedy. so Nani wants new type of films, this film is experimental film to Nani. how this film attracted the audiences. here is a complete review.


Arjun(Nani) is a former  Ranji player who leads a depressed life with his wife Sara(Shraddha Srinath) and he have a son(Nani). This life style of his does not go well with Sara and especially his son who at a his father wants to see in a high standards. Arjun to do something in life and become his real life hero. Rest of the story is as to how Arjun changes his life style and embraces cricket back and becomes an inspiration for many.


As we all know that Nani is Natural Actor, every movie he changes his acting. in this movie his acting is in a brilliant performer cricketer cum Father his role and acting just attracted the audiences.

Especially in the father role his acting maturity was good. in railway station how he looks into his son is simply superb. And another main attraction is the Sara|(Sharadda Srinath) like it is a first movie to her, but the acting is a fully ecperienced way.

Mainly in mother love,lover role she done a wonderful performance. Rao Ramesh,Satya Raj are gives best performance to their roles.


While is movie is go in a smooth way some what no comedy scenes and the songs are not much listened.

Technical Role

The main role in a crew team is Captain of the Ship is Director 'Gautam Tinnanuri' his making and directing is simply superb. the story is very much attracted, and the words in the movie is touched the audiences.

Camera Man work also get appreciated the every scene in this movie is full of colour full. music is another backbone to this movie. in emotional scenes the BGM is simply superb.


Overall 'Jersey' movie is sports drama movie. and recently this type of films are not released. Whether this movie will can be hit by only the 'Nani' one man show he runs the whole movie. it can be watched by repeatedly by sure.

Jersey Movie Trailer

Rating: 3.5/5