Cast : Sai Dharam Tej,Kalyani Pridarshan,Sunil
Crew : Director- Kishore Tirumala
            Producers- Naveen Yerneni, Ravi Shankar, Mohan
            Music- Devi Sri Prasad

Chitralahari is very important film to the Sai Dharam Tej and the unit team. because of last six films of Sai Dharam Tej were flop at boxoffice. so how this film is entertain the audience read this complete review.


The story revovles around Vijay( Sai Dharam Tej) who is a app developer and gives a valuable thoughts to the companies but he is fails at every attempt, later he is join in TV Shop and became fall love with Lahari( Kalyani Pridarshni),but the story changes when the Shanti ( Nivetha Pethuraj). the rest of the story is that how the Vijay came back with love.


The main attraction of this film was the Sai dharam tej character he simply superb with the looser character. his acting and emotions is attractble.

Kalyani Pridarshan also done good acting. her charcater is somewhat better. but the Nivetha acting was at serious condition and gives best performance in negative shades.

Posani acting in a father role is also good in terms of comedy and acting and emotions,values. all the characters in this film also gives best performance.


 The lag scenes are somewhat bore to the audiences. comedy also not at better. some characters in this film are not as important. so the audiences are not interact with this film.

Climax also not at the interest to the people. it is done in a smooth way.

Technical Role

Devi sri prasad gives wonderful music to this film. BGM also very good to this film. director kishore tirumala directs this film in a rich way.

Productions values also good. camera work also good. writer words are touched the audiences. in technical role this movie gives wonderful output.


There is no big releases in this week. recently there is no films are not attaracted audiences. so this movie is better. one section of  audiences will attracted by this film

Rating : 2.5/5