In indian film industry there is a separate style for horror movies. normal movies may be hit or flop, but the horror movies will be a hit to blockbuster hit.

This type of films are mainly come in to the 'Tamil film industry'. every 5 films of tamil films there will be a horror film. that type of horror films brand is goes to 'Raghav Lawrence'.

In 2010 he directed cum acted a film called 'kanchana' was biggest hit of all horror films that movie story,dialogues,action,fearing scenes attracted audiences. the next part of this movie was 'Ganga' it is also a hit film.

But from past two years there is no hit for Raghav Lawrence. this time he believes horror film come with a another part of 'Kanchana' as 'Kanchana 3'. released the trailer recently. and it is full of horror scenes,comedy,action. this time Raghav will be see a blockbuster hit from this movie.

Kanchana 3 Trailer link