After  Arjun Reddy, Geetha Govindham Vijay devarakonda craze is in higher level. every movie lovers became fan of Rowdy. north india also vijay have a huge craze. so vijay decided that he will release the films in four languages.

Cast : Vijay Devarakonda,Rashmika Mandanna.
Crew : Bharat Kamma,Mohan Cherukuri,Yash Rangineni.

Latest film of Vijay Devarakonda starrer 'Dear Comrade' is trilingual film directed by Bharat Kamma, Rashmika  Mandanna acts as heroine in this film. After Geetha Govindham it is beautiful pair.


Dear Comrade is a student political movie which is of student politics and romantic love drama. As bobby(Vijay) who is a student politics leader in a college and fall in love with her neighbour friend lilly(Rashmika), over a situations they will breakup and how bobby remains his love, and how he solve college issues is remaining story.


As of  Vijay did a wonderful performance in every movie as this movie also, his characterization, angerness love is amazing. as of student also he give best performance.

Rashmika as a cricketer role she gaves best emotions as a love role, mainly climax scenes Rashmika dominates Vijay with her performance. Remaining actors also give their performances.


As the story is weak the movie is not attracted all jonor audiences, and the length of this movie also very long, some lag scenes will be patience to the audience.

When the lag scenes can trim the movie result will be next level, music could be not better.

Technical Role

Director Bharat kamma write the story is good but the story is not on screenplay and add some scenes which is degrading the movie result. producers are very much support to this film.

As of music of songs is listenable but the BGM is not attracted, cinematography also good to this movie whatever the technical role is good to this movie.


As of Vijay fans will watch this film, but how the common audiences will receiver is the big task, and who wants to see this film don't be think of run time and see this film. overall a one time watchable movie.

Rating: 2.5/5

So Producer catch the Vijay craze and releases all languages like telugu,tamil,kannada,malayalam. vijay also done hardwork to this movie. 

Recently the film unit releases teaser of full of Action and Romantic kiss between Vijay and Rashmika. teaser got attraction to this movie. and also get good views.

Dear Comrade Teaser Link

Recently the film unit released lyrical video on the occassion of 'Rashmika' birthday. the video rocks the youtube, it is also the best song in of love songs.

Neeli Neeli Kannulo lyrical video

Kadallale Lyrical video

Recently the movie team releases a trailer, which is amazing.

Dear Comrade Trailer Link