Yatra Movie Poster

Cast: Mammothy,Rao Ramesh,Anasuya bharadwaj
Crew: Mahi V raghav


 The story is based on the YS Rajasekhar Reddy(Mamoothy) decides do padayatra in during election campaign.

Actors Performance

As we all know Mammothy is a great actor in Malayalam film industry he done some telugu films also. in this film his acting was peaks. he is perfectly apt for YS Rajasekhar Reddy role, he start padayatra for 2004 elections and create a huge impact on peoples in Andhra Pradesh.

The another thing in this movie is Rao Ramesh acting, posani and annasuya bharadwag and some actors in climax scenes mamoothy acting peaks. YSR speeches is very intersted and audiences also get impact.


YSR biopic,Mamoothy


Lag scenes,Songs