After the huge success of bahubali series Prabhas became a pan india star. so when Prabhas Movie is came all over india is waiting for his film.

Sahoo a trilingual film is directed by dashing director 'Sujeeth'. Shradaa Kapoor act as heroine in this film. Neil Nithin Mukesh act as main opponent to Prabhas. and some bollywood actors acted in this film. the movie budget is 300 crores.

Already this Movie done wonderful Pre-release business at bollywood. 'T-series' company bought this rights of 125 crores. it a record for any other film in Telugu. in telugu and Tamil also done very well at pre-release business.

Cast : Prabhas, Shradda Kapoor,Neil Nithin Mukesh,Vennela Kishore
Crew : Director- Sujeeth
            Producers- Vamsi Pramod
            Music Director- Ghibran


The story is revolve around there is a robery done at mumbai, the team appoints to Ashok Chakravarthy( Prabhas) to lead the case, while the mysteries around the police arrest Prabhas and how he arrested,how the robbery is happen is rest of story.


The main attractive of this movie was Prabhas who did a give a solid performance in his role, his acting is at peaks. his attitude,dialogue delivery,action is simply superb.

The story is very intersting to this movie, while the mysteries and suspenses is not understimate by audience. shradda kapoor also gave her performance. remaining actors also gave best performances in this movie.


While the movie is good, but the lagging is more as the lagging very boring to this movie. lack of comdey scenes.

Technical Role

Mainly we appreciate director 'Sujeeth' such a very young guy he directing the movie very a experienced way, his talent give a super hit to this film. a new born young talented director is come to the industry.

Producers are backbone of this film they spent more budget to this film and richness is visualsing in the movie. madhie camerawork is another range give to this movie.

Ghibran background music is very highlight and gives goosebumps in the climax scenes.


Saaho is a new concept film definitely it takes telugu cinema into another level. like a hollywood film. Saaho is multiple view movie in theatres. Prabhas dedictaion gives another blockbuster to him. overall Saaho is a indutry hit.


Recently the movie team releases a poster via 'Prabhas' Instagram

Saaho Teaser Link

Saaho Trailer Link
Sahoo Chapter 1 Making video

Saaho Chapter 2 Making video