Cast: Rajnijanth,Akshay Kumar,Amyjackson
Crew: Shankar, Subaskran,AR Rehman


The story is based on the Akshay Kumar who is a scientist and he loves nature. day by day cell phones are increasing and it affects the birds. so many birds are died and he changed and the cell phones want to ban the remaining story how he faces chitti.

Actors Performance

As of this akshay kumar acting gives high level to this movie. Rajnikanth acting was mindblowing as well in Scientist and Chitti. heroine acting is somewhat better. and the remaining actors also gave thier settled performances.

Boxoffice collections

After baahubali 2 movie released all the collections are in under this movie only so many big movies released but can't beat the baahubali 2 records. in this high expectations Robo 2.0 released.

On day 1 this movie collected 110 crore gross can't break the baahubali records. because of unseason this movie collections were drop.

The final collections of this movie was 880 crores gross.