Cast: Roshan Abdul,Priya Prakash Varrier
Crew: Omar Lulu, A guru Raj

Lovers day is a malayalam duubed film which starrer Roshan Abdul,priya Prakash varrier directed by Omar lulu released today here is a complete review of this movie.


The story is run onDon Bosco Higher Secondary School, where Priya(Priya Carrier) and Roshan(Roshan Mohammed) join as inter students. The story is spread over 2 years and it showcases love, friendship, jealousy among teenage school-goers. Lover’s Day is primarily a love triangle between Priya, Roshan and Gatha John (Noorin Shereef) and how all this showcased is the rest of the story.


The  highlight of Lover’s Day is Noorin Shereef, the curly haired girl who plays Gatha John, Roshan’s best friend. She acts very well in her first film and attracted by her chubby looks.

The love between Priya and Roshan in a couple of scenes in the first half of the movie will entertain young audiences. Priya looks cute and gives a decent performance in the given character.

Roshan is a good in acting. He has ease in his acting and dances well, too. With a right makeover and character, he will make a solid impression in future.


The main drawback of this film was story already this type of stories was done in telugu and also other languages. so it not attracts well.

Hero and heroine acting should be difference in some emotional scenes. roshan should be improve his acting. Priya also done good acting.

Production Values

Director direction is somewhat better and the production department should be spent less money music is not as attracted so much. cinematogrphy also is not rich in some scenes. songs are attracted.


Overall Lovers day is entertaining the youth but not attracted family audiences. movie should be only see for Priya Prakash Varrier screen presence and her glamour

Rating: 2/5