Mr Majnu Movie Poster

After the decent success of Akkineni Akhil 'Hello' he done a romantic entertainer Mr Majnu. this film is very important to Akhil for his career. so how the audiences can receive this film. here is a complete review.


The story Around is vicky(Akhil) a playboy, who doesn't want any releationship with others. This is the time Nikki(Nidhi Aggarwal)  falls a love with Vicky and proposes to him. Left with no choice, Vicky accepts her proposal and this is the time the problems in the love story blossom and the couple fall apart. Rest of the story is as to how Vicky takes things in his hands and wins his love back.


There are many love stories was seen in telugu cinema but this is another type story. the audiences are attract the london backdrop scenes. Akhil has developed quite well when compared to his previous films. Look and performance wise he does well in his role of a playboy and dances superbly.

Nidhi Aggarwal is acted an important role in this film. her role is main attract for this film. She has the looks and talent to make it big and she was quite efficient in her emotional character which had many shades yo portray.

Hyper Aadi saves the second half to an extent with his comedy. Priyadarshi too evokes some fun in the first half along with Akhil and his track is written well. Songs are decent and are an added bonus to the film.


The biggest negative for this film is weak story. Akhil has done very well in dances, fights. but coming for the acting he will do some workouts and improve his acting. director not give for story, he gives only for Heroism. Heroine Nidhi Agarwal role is main, but she didn't act well. Music is already listned in some movies.


Without expectations to this film, this movie will entertain the Movie lovers as well as Lovers. somewhat attracted the family audiences. this movie also will give dissappointed to Akhil.

Rating: 2.75/5