Every Year 'Sankranthi' season is backbone for every film industry. this season gives boost up and increase the collections of the movies. so, this year also there are many movies released. here is a complete review of that movies.

1. NTR Kathanayakudu

Every year when sankranthi season come balakrishna movie was released commonly. this year also his movie was released it is very prestigious film because of this movie is made of Sr.NTR biopic. so 'balakrishna' takes very prestigious. as this is the first movie released in this 'sankranthi' season on January 9 2019.

As this movie takes positive talk all over. but the cine critics analyzed that this is the biggest disaster in his career.. the first day collections of this movie couldn't break the his previous film 'Gautami Putra Satakarni'. NTR collected 9 crores share on first day. and the total collections of this movie is 34 crores share with a gross of 58 crores.

Verdict: Disaster

2. Vinaya Vidheya Rama

Another prestigiuos film of this season was 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama'. this movie was released on January 11 2019. from the morning show this movie gaves divide talk all over, because of boyapati's over direction and story. but the first day collections of this movie created records it breaks 'Ram charan' previous blockbuster 'Rangasthalam' of 18 crores share, this movie collected 26 crores share worldwide. some areas in AP/TS breaks the records of previous movies. 

In 'ceeded' area it breaks the previous record of Maha Blockbuster of 'Bahubali 2' collected 6.82 crores share this is the all time record in ceede area before 'vinaya vidheya rama' movie released. 'vinaya vidheya rama' collected 7.22 crores share in that area,breaks the 'bahubali 2' record. due to disaster talk the collections was dropped,the final collections of this movie was 65 crores share worldwide.

Verdict: Disaster

3. F2(Fun&Frustration)

The last movie of this sankranthi season was F2(Fun&Frustration) released on January 12 2019. this movie becomes the blockbuster of this season. from the first day it takes postive talk all over. audiences are said that 'vintage venky' was back. all the four days of 'sankranthi' holidays gave 'housefull' shows all over.

The first day collections of this movie was 12 crores share. slightly the collections are improved day by day. this is first movie in 2019 got 100 crores gross.

Verdict: Blockbuster